Inspired by Adam Marcus grodschool guide I thought it would be a good idea to post about my PhD.

About one month ago I finished my master in Computer Science, more specific Media Informatics (Human Computer Interaction and Software Architecture) at the Vienna University of Technology. Two days later (2013.03.31) I was on my way from Vienna/Europe to Christchurch/New Zealand to start my PhD in Human Robot Interaction (HRI) at the HITLabNZ.

HRI does not only mean walking, talking, moving robots it is also about the influence on humans and the society. In my case, I’m very interested how robots influence the human communication by using specific words or special gestures. I think it is very important to understand how Humanoids or Androids) influence the human perception, especially when we have robots in every classroom and every household.

Just thinking about the power a company who creates all the robots would have when they can access all the sensors at once. Big Brother is watching you. Oh and whats about the way robots speak with humans. Is it possible introduce Newspeak? I hope not. But we have to find it out and create rules for robots, for science and for decision makers, or we may face a not so happy future.

PS: I hope my english will improve during my PhD. Sorry my mother tongue is german.